Friday, February 15, 2008

Girls Weekend

This past weekend I headed East on 70 all the way to the beach - Pine Knolls Shores. There were 3 car loads of girls following each other and we made a pit stop in Clayton to eat, get gas, and get medicine. Besides filling up air in a tire and checking the oil (shout outs to Stephanie and Victoria - our mechanics) our car ride was pretty uneventful! We arrived late Friday night, unpacked and decided to just hang out and talk. Saturday was filled with grocery shopping, cooking, reading on the beach, feeling the water (brrr... was it cold), movies, and taking a nap. On Sunday we went for an hour long walk on the beach, cleaned up, packed, and drove home. It was a nice relaxing weekend away. It was a great time filled with many laughs! I just LOVE the beach.

It was also my first weekend away from Brayden. I definitely cried a bit when I left on Friday but it wasn't bad after we got there. I was out of my element so I would stop and think about him and Daniel at times but not long enough to really get sad.

Thanks babe for working all weekend and watching our son so I could get away. I know your weekend was boring and tiring. You are a wonderful dad!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Guys Weekend Ski Video

You can find some written recaps of the weekend I spent up at Beech Mountain, NC with some guys here and here. However, to see what went down (or should I say "who") you need only to see below.