Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pinterest Gone Wild

So pinterest has become my new favorite place to go and find ideas! Lately several projects I have wanted to do are finally getting completed. This is because FINALLY we are having less doctor appointments and life seems somewhat "normal" for now!

Everyone has been making these. A wipe board with a picture frame.
Thanks to Daniel for this :)

I need to update these clipboards with some new pictures soon! Poor Colton is still in my belly!

We made two of these boards. One is in the boys room and one is our room! Hoping we fill them with ideas of LOVE all the time!

I am hoping to use these scripture cards to help our boys learn more verses and teach them more about the Bible.

I absolutely LOVE this new clipboard area for our boys papers. Their papers use to be all over the fridge, doors, etc of our house. I knew how important it was to showcase their work but it also felt so cluttered to me after awhile! The PERFECT solution!

LOVE these two book displays! I enjoy organization and they are easy for the boys to use!