Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This may surprise some of you but there are times when I don't feel like doing much, even though those times are not very often. :) Tonight was one of them. I was in a "blah" kind of mood again tonight. I think a couple of different things played into this mood.

For one, I attended a funeral today for my dear friend Liz's mom. It was an absolutely beautiful service. It was probably one of the most personal funeral services I have ever been to. Liz and I became friends years ago while teaching at Farmington Woods. We had a unique 1st grade team and we shared a bond like no other team I have ever taught with. We have seen each other through the ups and downs of life. We all don't see each other as often as we would like but there is a deep rooted friendship there that is unspoken. Liz's mom had been battling cancer for over a year and last Thursday she left this world and went to be with the Lord. I honestly have to say I knew she was an amazing woman from meeting her myself and hearing about her through Liz. But listening to the stories told today in the service made me understand the kind of person she was even more. It made me think...what will my friends and family say about me at my funeral service someday? Will they be able to share such amazing stories like I heard today? Will they be able to say I was an amazing woman of God who loved those around me unconditionally? I definitely have been evaluating and thinking about Liz's mom and the story she lived here on earth and the lives she touched. I pray for comfort for Liz and her family and just hope I can live and model a life like she did.

Tonight's mood is also coming from the anxiety I am dealing with in regards to our son's appointments tomorrow. I feel like tomorrow I am going to have to deal with our reality. There is no more sugar coating it. There is no more ignoring it. There is no more thinking oh I will deal with that when it comes. I feel like for the first time since December 14th I am going to have to really face the truth that my son has OI. That he currently has a genetic disease and I can't fix it. Is he still perfect to God...of course. But I still want to fix it and take it away. I want to take away any future pain or hurt he may go through. I want to take away any worry or anxiety him and his future wife will go through. And I can't.

As of 4 pm yesterday, our appointments have changed for tomorrow. We are now attending 3 different appointments for Colton tomorrow at UNC. First he will have a skeletal survey as they call it where he will receive xrays to make sure there are no hidden fractures currently in his little body. Then we will meet with the Genetic Counselor and Geneticist to discuss the OI. Then we will meet with the Endocrinologist that will be following and working with Colton. I am SO very thankful and praising God that we have such amazing genetic counselors that have scheduled these appointments for us and gotten us in to see these doctors so fast. But I would be lying if I said I am not a bit anxious, nervous, and scared for the appointments and the reality I am going to have to face. I will definitely be wearing some water proof mascara!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Sorry it has taken me so long to post again about the updates in our life. I am quickly realizing that going from 2 to 3 children is a blessing but a big change. My free time felt like it went from some to none :) Just keeping up with life and taking care of our 3 boys keeps me busy. And I would honestly say some of the "life part" is behind in my book, but maybe I just need to adjust my thinking.


Well I had surgery on December 20th. Surgery went well and I was in a big splint/cast that I could not take off or get wet for a week. Then I got put in a smaller splint that I can take on and off just to shower and do my stretches each day. I got 18 staples removed on Wednesday. That experience was not pleasant at all and happened with lots of tears from me. The status now is for me to continue doing my stretches several times a day and I start OT next week. I have to go twice a week for several weeks and hopefully can move it down to once a week after that. I do not follow back up with the surgeon until the end of January! So hopefully things keep progressing well. I can use my left hand for some things but I am not going to lie, not being able to bend my arm at all is frustrating. I am having to do everything with my right hand and not lift much of anything with my left arm at all. Anything that involves your tricep muscle is suppose to be forbidden. This is very hard if you stop and think of how many times a day you use that muscle! I definitely won't take it for granted again!


Colton is doing well! He is growing like a weed and is already 5 weeks old. We have progressed to a pretty good schedule already thanks to really trying to follow Baby Wise for the last few weeks. He is eating every 3-4 hours and the last two nights is going about 6 hours at night between a feeding (we will see if that continues). He does have a pretty fussy time that happens each evening which can be tiring for our family when we are trying to take care of and hang out with brayden and teagan as well. He actually started on some Zantac yesterday because the pediatrician thinks he may have some reflux issues so we will see if that helps. If not he is just having a fussy time each day and nothing we can really do but try to have patience until he outgrows it.

Teagan and Brayden are doing great with him. They absolutely love their baby brother and honestly like to be around him too much at times.


We do have our UNC appointment scheduled for next week, January 11th at 12:45 pm. We will be meeting with Dr. Alysworth and Beth Hudson (genetic counselor) to start discussing our questions, where we go from here, and to do an evaluation of Colton. Honestly I am not sure what to expect but I am praying for some more clarity and to gain some wisdom. I am hoping some of our unknowns will be answered. Please be in prayer for us as we attend that appointment. I know it will bring a lot of emotions that day. I pray God comforts us and we feel his presence as we discuss our son and his future.

I hope to soon get into a good routine to start updating our blog more often. First - we need to update the look of this blog. Joye Mullis that is where you come in. Let's meet for lessons!!