Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Under My Wife's Control

Quick back story.  Shannon and I commute to work.  Today he had a doctor's appointment so based on info from Mandy I assumed he'd just stay at home in the morning.  Thus, I headed into work earlier without informing him.  Come to find out, he planned on coming to work before the appointment.  I think he ended up waiting outside my house, to which he would've had to walk there since his car is still at Hope.

Nonetheless I had an IM conversation with my wife about it.  I think it hits on an issue that Jeramie raised recently about the sneaky things wives do.  Here is that conversation.  (For the lazy, I've highlighted the main parts).

Mandy: did you call shannon before you left?

Daniel: no

Mandy: he was planning to go into the office?

Daniel: yes
your thought got me in trouble
i'm never listening to you again ;)

Mandy: was he upset?

Daniel: i'd say disappointed

Mandy: really?
well I told you it was a "thought" not "for sure"

Daniel: well i sure he wasn't happy about it
you tell me your thoughts alot
actually, you force your thoughts on me alot :)

Mandy: no I don't
I will apologize to him

Daniel: see, there you go again, you don't think you do, so you are telling me you don't