Monday, October 6, 2008

Tracked Out

Daniel doesn't like it but I am tracked out. Well and when I am tracked out and I want to get some projects done. I am the one in our household with a list of things that I always want to do or get done. Daniel is not lazy but is much better at just sitting around the house and relaxing than I am. Sometimes I wish I could be that way more often.
Last Sunday it started by digging up my flowers that I had planted in May because I wanted to plan some mums. So he helped me dig them up and found 1,000's of pill bugs.

Then last week I asked him to take a vacation day on Friday so that we could do some things.
He agreed and so we got started.

He power washed the deck and porch while I went to the DMV to renew my license, get the jeep's oil change and I mowed the lawn. We borrowed the power washer from Scott.
Thanks Scott!

Then we ran a few errands together. We came home and started sanding and getting our tables ready to prime. These tables have been sitting in our garage 1/2 done since a few months after moving into our house. We have a little sanding and priming left to do. Then we are ready to paint. I am going to try and work on painting some of them later today. We are also still trying to decide on what sealer to put on our deck.. do we want a clear sealer? Do we want a toner with a little bit of color? Here are our choices at Lowes!

Sanding was a lot of fun and it is not hard.
It gives me more confidence to redo our kitchen table now.

As you can see Brayden was trying to help!

On Sunday we did some more sanding and Daniel powerwashed our driveway, sidewalk and railings. As you can see by power washing them we discovered some of our wood was rotten. I guess it would have showed up at some point but now we have another project to complete sooner than later.

So if anyone wants to come over and help take apart the railings let us know.


Dana E. said...

Wow Mandy! Get a few things done why dont you? or just a million, as in your case.

It just so happens I know this wonderful guy who could help you replace the wood on your front porch! His name is John, and it just so happens he has free time during the day! :)

You should call him, I'm sure he would love to help, he loves carpentry work.

traci said...

Way to go!