Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ultrasound Today

Our appointments went well today. We had an ultrasound at the doctors office. Our boy was measuring on target. A little small they thought actually. His abdomen and bones were measuring closer to his due date but his head was measuring small. My fluid levels, his heartbeat, and everything else looked good. We got a few more pictures (here is one) but they are pretty blurry. It makes me thankful for all my ultrasounds at UNC.

Then we met with the doctor. We discussed the results of the ultrasound and she said she is not concerned that his head was measuring small because it is probably just because he is lower in my pelvic area and it was hard to get a good measurement. If he had stopped growing or something was wrong she said usually we would see the body area measuring small but that was not the case. I am still at about the same progress I was last week so not much new there. I guess all these braxton hicks I am having are not doing much to put me in labor. I have like 5-6 in an hour...and yes I have started counting them).

So I mentioned I would love to go into labor on my own but just in case I don't could we go ahead and schedule me to be induced closer to my due date just so I could be on the books at the hospital. I don't want to go over my due date too far and I know with Brayden it was hard to get an appointment. The doctor then proceeded to tell us she was thinking of trying to get us in at 39 weeks instead of waiting until 40 weeks if that was ok with us. She said since we don't know about his bones or size that every baby is usually fully developed at 39 weeks so she does not see why we would wait any longer. So after she called the hospital we are scheduled to be induced on Tuesday June 23rd! We will actually go in on Monday night the 22nd to start some things but will not start pitocin until first thing Tuesday morning. So it sounds like we will have a baby on Tuesday. Crazy, exciting, YAY!

We left the doctor's office and my eyes filled up with tears. Daniel asked "Are those happy tears or sad tears?". I said "This means I have to be away from Brayden for 3 nights now and it will be next week." All these thoughts are going through my head... how can I love another kid as much as I do Brayden? How will I share my time? Will Brayden feel neglected or unloved? I am sure most of these questions are silly but I am sad to leave him for 3 days/nights. I am sure I will be quite busy once this new little guy arrives but these are all my thoughts for now! Of course...I haven't been able to concentrate on much since my appointment today.

And even though I have been through having a baby already, I am still anxious about not knowing what to expect since every delivery is different. The shock is still setting in that if not this week we WILL have a baby on Tuesday.

So all this to say...

...Friday will be my last day at Carpenter Elementary

...Friday will be my last day watching Olivia and Brennan

...Friday I officially become a stay at home mom for a few months

...Tuesday (if not before) I will have another precious baby boy in my arms!!!!

Thank you Lord for all the upcoming changes in my life and for the GIFT of life!!!


traci said...

Thanks for sharing Mandy! I almost started crying with you. Another adventure on the way. God will be with you one day at at time.

Tyler and Rachael said...

I remember my mom telling me she had those same thoughts the day before she had her 2nd child--just so worried if she could love him as much as her first baby. And she did. And she did again and again for baby #3, #4, and #5. "With God, All Things are Possible." All of our best wishes sent to you for the delivery and the days to follow.

Unknown said...

it was crazy to me after Christopher was born how I felt the same instant love for him as I did the first time with Jalen. the love seems to not be split or shared but doubled, as for everything eles it will all work its self out. there was an adjustment period to figure out how to fit everything in and required some reprioritizing but its all worth it.

Best Wishes

Mandy said...

Thanks ladies for the encouragement! I am glad I haven't been the only one with all these thoughts and that they are normal. :) It is encouraging to hear that my love will just double but not have to be split up. I really look forward to being a mom to another little boy and I am sure Brayden will be a great big brother.

Littlefoot Estrada said...

Mandy thanks for the blog update as I am one of those non twitter people! It's so exciting to see the new adventure in front of you and you will be fantastic in all you do with BOTH boys!! Hang in there and try to relax before the baby comes.. (I know that might be near impossible for you!);) Great to see you on Sunday! I miss seeing your beautiful face during the week! However, many prayers and hugs to you!

Amanda said...

I am so excited for you all! I can't wait for Tuesday. I am glad to hear everything is going great. You are a fabulous mom to Brayden and I know that all the knowledge you have from raising him will make you an even better mom for this little boy. Can't wait to see that big belly one more time when we get home. Hang in there until then :)
Love yah!!

Tara Moyer said...


You are making me all emotional here. Please know that you are such a great mom and will be also with your new baby. I am so excited and happy for you. All my love to you and Daniel,

jennynaree said...

Oh Mandy, I am so excited for this new little awesome man. You are one of the most loving people I know so I am sure you will enough to go around :)Good luck and I am thinking and praying for you!

Me on Metatrophin said...

Such a wonderful post. Carpenter is unfortunate to lose you---but congrats on your chance to stay home for at least a little while. I stayed home with Garrett for almost a year, and it was so rewarding. Love ya, and congrats!!!