Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Look Alike or Not?

So of course one of the many questions that everyone continues to ask me is if Teagan looks like Brayden. So here you go. You judge for yourself. I tried to get pictures that were similar.

Brayden 1 Day Old

Teagan 1 Day Old

Brayden 4 Days Old

Teagan 4 Days Old

Brayden 6 Days Old

Teagan 6 Days Old

12 Days Old - who is who ? :)


Kim Smith said...

The last picture, Teagan is on the left and Brayden is on the right. :) I don't think that they look very much alike! Teagan's eyes are lighter (as is his hair) and his nose seems wider to me than Brayden's in the earlier days. They are both very cute, of course!

kerry said...

I agree with Kim - Teagon first, Brayden second. Congrats!

Jenny Benny said...

they look like brothers but not exactly alike. They're both really cute!

Dana E. said...

In the pics, Teagan is first, then Brayden, I agree w/ Kim and Kerry.

I think these two boys definitely look different than each other, but I have seen Teagan make some faces that look so much like Brayden and Daniel. To me, Brayden looks so much like Daniel and his brothers. So maybe Teagan looks more like you, but I can definitely see those Smith family genes at times! :)

Adorable boys! very very cute