Monday, January 14, 2008

My Mom Tried To Have Me Arrested Today

Back in October I decided I wanted to surprise Mandy with a welcome-to-motherhood present. She loves taking pictures and I knew having a baby would only fuel that addiction so I thought I'd buy her a digital SLR camera.

In order to keep it a secret I enlisted the help of my mom and got her to let me put it on her credit card. Somewhere along the way my mom forgot about this loving act, including the discussion of who was paying who what since my brother Jeremy decided he wanted to pitch in.  As a result, come November, when she got her credit card bill she saw an purchase she didn't make and reported it as fraud.  As a result, BB&T refunded my mom which meant wouldn't be getting their money--Amazon wanted their money, or at least someone's arse!

This morning my mom got a phone call from the super-sleuths at the Johnston County Sheriff's Department saying they had found the culprit.  They tell her it turns out to be a guy by the name Daniel Smith, who lives in Raleigh and works in Cary, and they have the warrant out for his arrest1.  Luckily at that point my mom remembered she has a son who fit that profile and called the whole thing off.

I can laugh at what could have happened, but it really would have sucked to be carted off in hand-cuffs--mind you I work on the same hall as my CEO and have to walk by his office to get to mine.

It's nice to know I have no skill or future as an identity thief2. Thanks mom!

  1. I  am sure it was real tough for Steve Bizzell and his boys to come up with all this information seeing how I supplied it all when I created my Amazon account.

  2. In hindsight it now makes sense why Amazon cancelled my account.


Dave said...

Yes! You're back in action! Been way to long....

Shannon Smith said...

That's funny. Though it would have been funnier had you gotten arrested. Maybe you could sue your mom for defamation of character to bring it full circle.

Jeramie Mullis said...

Funny story.

Bernie said...

To use a 2005 reference...Your mom almost Punk'd you good!