Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Field Day

We are having an Olympic Field Day this year. Every class will be representing a country in the Olympics. We have to make a flag or poster showing our country and we will display these at the opening ceremony.

Today I had to send down a student to reach in a bag and pick out 3 countries. Out of those 3 countries we get to vote in our class on the one we want to research and represent.

Here were our countries...


So of course I had heard of Kyrgyzstan.. but have you ever heard of the other two? seriously...I can't even pronounce them correctly. I found Azerbaijan on a world map but I still haven't found Liechtenstein. So if you do let me know.

I went next door to see if I could steal any of my co-workers countries that they didn't want.. they gave me

Ghana (Africa - this one I knew)
Solomon Islands
Republic of Macedonia

Tomorrow we will vote on all of these and decide which country our class will be. I guess I better brush up on my geography before then!


Jeramie Mullis said...

I know that Liechtenstein is pronounced LICK-ten-SHTINE and it's in Europe.

The Colbert Report just did a story about how Liechtenstein was just uncovered as an illegal tax shelter for the uber rich. It was pretty funny, but that's about all I know about it.

Kim Smith said...

Mandy, you crack me up! I have also heard of Liechtenstein but not the other one. The other country sounds like something out of "Aladdin" to me, though.

Mandy said...

So my kids picked Solomon Islands. So I told them they had to go home and research this country. We will see what they find out.

Tyler and Rachael said...

So I actually have heard of Liechtenstein because when I did my study abroad in Austria we had random quizzes to check up on us knowing all surrounding countries. I'm sure my professor would be proud that I could still now even identify its location. Best Wishes in the Olympics!