Thursday, January 8, 2009


Welcome to our neglected blog. If you are reading this I am sorry we never post anything. I definitely think of things to post but get busy and then just never do it. Over the past few weeks I have had several things on my mind that I have thought - why don't I just blog about them. I always think who wants to read my thoughts and what goes on in my head? But friends have said to look at this blog as a journal to be able to look back on and who cares who reads it. So maybe I need to have more of that mindset and just type more often. Hopefully I will!

What has been going on in life since our last post? Let's see...

  • On October 16th we found out we were expecting our 2nd baby

  • We went on a Carnival Cruise in November

  • My parents came down for Thanksgiving

  • I celebrated my 30th birthday on December 5th

  • We celebrated Christmas here in NC

  • We ordered hard wood flooring for our downstairs...soon to be delivered

  • I am tracked out for 3 weeks which has been amazing!

Those seem to be the big things that have happened. I may be forgetting something. Maybe more blog post to come about what goes on in my head. Hopefully I can follow through!

* FYI - I just used html and did it all by myself! I am proud!

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