Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Boy Smith Update

If you got my email...then don't read below. It is the same thing I sent out but since not everyone goes to our blog I did both!

Hey everyone! Sorry this update is going out late but I am busy tracking back into school and so life is getting crazy again :) Thank you for all who have called and emailed asking if everything is ok! :) We appreciate your encouragement, prayers, and thoughtfulness!

As some of you have heard we are having another precious little BOY!! So Brayden will have a little brother to play with me! I thought it would probably be a BOY especially with Daniel's genes! There are 4 boys in his family so I think we are destined to have all boys. I have always said since I started babysitting (when I was in high school) I would definitely prefer to have more boys than girls and so so far God is granting that. I would love to raise a girl at some point though just to raise both genders but not this time! We will just have to wait and see what God has in store for us later on! :)

They did measure basically everything on our baby. The ultrasound lasted for quite a long time. Then we met with one of the Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctors at UNC. So far they don't see anything abnormal with his bones. All of his bones measured right around 18 weeks which is good. When trying to look for OI they are looking for bowing of the bones, abnormally short bones, bones that are different sizes, etc. And so far they do not see any of that. That does not mean our son will not have OI and the Dr. made sure to tell us that (they have to and I understand why). But it does mean that as of now things look good. We will still not know for sure if our son has OI until we do cord blood sampling at birth and send it off to the University of Washington to be tested for the same gene mutation as I have. With Brayden we did not find out those results until he was 7 weeks old.

But for now we will just continue to enjoy Brayden and enjoy knowing that we will have another amazing little boy to hold very soon. Of course I am sure I will still have my emotional days where I let my mind wander and think about the "worst" and "what ifs" but hey I am not perfect. I am coming to realize that it is ok to have these days once in a while but I just need to continue to trust in God and know he is right here with us along this journal! :) Please continue to pray for another healthy baby BOY for us. I was emotional yesterday finding out it was a boy b/c I worry about the comparisons with two boys and how Daniel will deal with having one boy without OI and "possibly" one boy with it. But then Daniel looked at me as he saw tears fill my eyes and said "Babe if this little baby has OI...Brayden will be a great big brother for him". So that made me cry even more :)! I love my husband b/c he is so good for me in more ways than one!

Of course I have uploaded some pictures from our ultrasound. We had to scan them in this time b/c the lady didn't burn our CD correctly but they are hopefully redoing it and so I will have some clearer pictures soon.

Thank you for your phone calls, emails, and prayers! I appreciate everyone checking in to see how things went. I am starting to feel the baby move more and more each day which is so fun! I guess you could say - I am definitely outnumbered in my family now! :) haha

Love ya'll,
Mandy, Daniel, Brayden, and Baby BOY Smith

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