Monday, May 11, 2009


A week ago we went for another ultrasound. I was 32 weeks and 2 days. Our little boy was all squished and it was hard to get many good pictures of him. The ultrasound tech did manage to get a few.

We did confirm AGAIN that he is still a Boy! They measured all of his major bones and organs and so far everything looks good. His bones are measuring on target and he currently weighs a little over 4 lbs. or so which is only 35% for weight at this stage. He was breached a few weeks ago the doctors told me but at this ultrasound he was head down. So that is wonderful! I am thankful that right now everything looks good and there is nothing to worry about. I know we still won't know anything for sure until we do the cord blood sampling but I am going to rest on the fact that right now there is nothing for me to worry about besides the "unknown". And I am going to try and ignore the "unknown" for now! I want to try and take each present day and enjoy it. I will try not to worry about what the future holds since I have no control over it. Thank you for for your prayers and for asking about our ultrasound.

I had another regular doctor's appointment today and his heartbeat was still in the 150's and I was measuring right on target. The doctor said he still believes he is head down but he could still turn around if he wants. In a few more weeks is when they would say he probably won't turn anymore. So I am just going to keep hoping he stays the way he is right now! I am currently 33 weeks and 2 days. So only about 7 weeks to go. He did say I may have another ultrasound at their office just to check his weight as I get closer to my due date if necessary. So I will not complain if I get to see my little boy again! We go every two weeks now.

Baby Boy Smith (who still has no name) is still moving quite a bit and he gets the hiccups all the time now. We have basically moved all of Brayden's things out of the nursery and into his new room. He has taken 2 naps and slept 1 night in his new bed. He has done so well and exceeded my expectations so far. I know it is still new but I hope he continues to do well. I have gotten out all our baby stuff again and have washed and cleaned just about everything we will need. So we are slowly but surely getting ready for a newborn again!

Playing in his bed with dad after his nap!

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traci said...

Thanks for the update Mandy! One day at a time :)