Monday, April 27, 2009

Update on Pregnancy and Life

Well this pregnancy is going by much faster than the first one. I am already 31 weeks, in my 3rd trimester, and only 9 weeks or less to go! I am still feeling great! My belly is definitely growing these days but I am still not very limited to what I can do yet. I feel him move a lot now and so has Daniel so that is always fun. We have another ultrasound at the UNC office on May 4th. We had a regular appointment last week. His heartbeat was still in the 150's and I was measuring right on target. The doctor did say he felt like he was breached right now but he still had room to turn around. So we will just hope and pray he does. Other than that nothing else is new with the pregnancy. We continue to pray that his bones are growing just like they should be and that we don't find anything to worry about during or after this pregnancy. But we know we are not in control of the situation so all we can do is enjoy every minute of life right now and take each day as it comes.

25 weeks and 3 days ....... 29 weeks and 1 day

Over track out Brayden and I just flew up to Michigan to visit with my family and friends for a week. It was a wonderful visit but being back in our house is always nice. And of course we missed "daddy". :)
I tracked back in on April 20th and so this is my last quarter teaching 2nd grade. I have already started moving some of my files and things home to a file cabinet I got free from Amanda. YAY! It is bittersweet but I am excited to take a break and try something different for awhile. I think this decision will hopefully help strength my faith in many areas of my life.

Brayden is doing well. He is now 18 months and is learning new words and things everyday. This age is so much fun and I am loving every minute of it. He is still a finky eater but even that seems to be improving day by day. He loves to play outside, pick up sticks, his wagon, and all animals. He is learning more and more animals and their sounds and enjoys pointing them out in books, on TV, or where ever else he sees them. He also loves to point out your eyes, nose, ears, hair, teeth, and mouth. He is laughing and smiling still most of the time and is just overall a very happy kid. He is starting to throw temper tantrums when he doesn't always get what he wants but I guess that is normal toddler behavior. We just ignore him and he seems to get over it.

We have painted Brayden's new "big boy room" and have his bedding so it is slowly coming together. I would say in about a week we will to start having him sleep in his bed. We will see how that goes. :)

I have included a few pictures of course but I continue to upload lots of pictures to flickr so if you want...go check them out!


kvargas said...

I love the update and pictures! You look GREAT! Pregnancy does you well! Brayden is getting so big! He is such a doll! Keeton and I can not wait to see you guys! It has been WAY TO LONG! We need to put something on the calendar. Keeton and I can come out there. Just tell us when! I love you TONS,


Tyler and Rachael said...

Good to know all is going well--. Enjoy it all! and Brayden is absolutely adorable!