Wednesday, October 3, 2012

4 hours...

Do you ever feel like you move through your day without actually seeing the people around you? 

There are days I feel like I have such a long list of things I want to accomplish that I just move through the day without really noticing the people I interact with at Target, the gym, the people in the grocery lines, the random person walking down our street...

Yesterday was kind of one of those days.  We have an incredibly busy next couple of weeks and so my list is long! I dropped our two older boys off at preschool and let me state, I did acknowledge their teachers and and talked to Joye as we walked in.  :)  But after that Colton and I were in GO mode... I had a list and I intended to accomplish it during the 4 hours I had while the boys were gone to preschool!

Post office - check
Target to buy random things on my list - check
Party City to check out things for B's birthday - check
ATM to deposit money - check
Lunch at Moe's with my sweet Colton - check

and the list went on...

Did I accomplish all that was on my to-do list that morning? Well yes we just about did.  I interacted with Colton and sang to him while we shopped.  I practiced waving bye bye with him and giving him "fives".  But I am not really sure I made eye contact with anyone else while I was living life during those 4 hours!

When I stop and think about is not what Jesus would do.  I know Jesus would have stopped and acknowledge the people around him even if they were complete strangers and His list was long.  He would have had intentional conversations and made eye contact with them.  Everyone has a story that you come into contact with everyday and we are called to love them like Christ would love them.  Was I nasty to anyone?  NO! But did I intentionally show them love? NO! 

With God's help... I am going to work on slowing down a bit when conquering my LIST to stop and breath in the world around me.  I want to acknowledge in a deeper way the complete strangers I come into contact with on a daily basis.  I want to call people by name more than I do and recognize their presence. 

Here's to showing God's love in a more intentional way!

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