Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Well we had our first official visit from the CDSA on Monday October 1st.  I have to say I was a bit nervous and also excited about it all. 

When Dr. Jenny and Ms. Dana showed up they got right to interacting with Colton.  They were doing different assessments, games, specific play, and even sneaking in some loving from him.  He enjoyed playing with their new toys all the while not knowing they were actually testing his receptive and expressive language, his overall communication, fine motor, gross motor, and everything else I am forgetting.  :)  

I enjoyed answering their questions and getting to brag about my boy a bit! He did surprisingly very well without going down for a nap and I was impressed.  

Overall Colton did not show he needed any services just yet from CDSA and hopefully he will not ever.  He scored right on target or close to it for every area.  Most areas he scored like any other average 10 month old little boy and a couple areas he scored more like an 11 month old boy! Way to go C!! They did agree his hips are "loose/lax" and the way he stands could be concerning in the future, but she is going to send a copy to our orthopedist who we will see in just a couple of weeks.  So I plan to discuss those concerns with him during that appointment.

We did enroll him in the program just because he automatically qualifies due to having OI and now I have another resource to contact in case we do we feel we want another professional opinion on how he is doing later on.  Yes we have all our Duke doctors to call on but these assessments are free and even if he needed services someday the copay would be cheaper than what we pay right now for private therapy!

I have to say in talking to a friend about it earlier today and sharing our experience,  I told them overall I was so glad we did it.  It was encouraging to focus on some of the amazing things our little man is doing instead of always just worrying about what he MAY not do and what concerns we DO have.  I was encourage to hear how well they think he is doing overall and just to have a couple of hours focused on him and to see him SHINE

Here's to you little guy! We love you lots and are so proud of you!

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