Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1 Week Today

Well it is hard to believe that 1 week has already passed. Teagan is a week old today!

1 week ago at this very time we were getting ready to have a new baby boy entire the world. We have truly been blessed with another sweet little boy to love.

Our hospital stay seemed easier than with Brayden. We were not there as long because of the timing of when Teagan was born. So some family just came up on Tuesday night and then on Wednesday we had lots and lots of friends come meet Teagan. It was a great day of visiting. To see all who could make it up go check out our flickr site. Thanks to all who came up to see us. Then on Thursday we get discharged. So it was a much shorter stay in the hospital.

Teagan did great in the hospital. We sent him to the nursery both nights in between feedings. YES I sent my baby to the nursery the first night he was born. I always feel like a bad mom for telling people that but one of the nurses told me "I was a smart mom to try and get some rest" so I am going to remember that and not care if others think I am crazy. :) That is what the nurses are there for... to take care of babies! So we just gave them one more to take care of!

Once we got home Brayden and Shelley were here to greet us. Then on Friday we went to Teagan's first weight check and dr. appt. He only weighed 7 lbs 3 ounces. My friends Kiley and Bob happened to be in town from Knoxville for a wedding and so we hung out with them for the afternoon and went out to dinner. We ended our Friday night with a family walk around the neighborhood. On Saturday my parents arrived from Michigan and that allowed us the flexibility to go on a date night that evening.

So all in all things seem to be going well. Yes I have had an extra set of hands here to help since getting home so that does make a difference. Once my parents leave and Daniel is at work I will truly see what it is like being a mom to two little boys!

Teagan seems to be doing well. He already seems to be getting on a 3-4 hour schedule which is great. If he doesn't wake up during the day I go and wake him up to eat. He does better in the afternoon and evenings with eat, wake, and sleep times. Brayden seems to also be adjusting well. He loves to "help". Brayden got lots of new books as gifts from others and a new guitar to play with from Teagan! He loved them all!


Kristen W said...

He's so adorable Mandy! I put Lucy in the nursery the first night too. :)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful! We sent Brayden to the nursery all 3 nights we were there. It was hard the first night, but I knew we both needed to rest before the real craziness set in :)

Tyler and Rachael said...

I love those pictures! The picture with the matching outfits (big brother, little broter) is darling. You aren't a bad mother, but a smart one--I sent Abigail to the nursery the 4 nights we were in the hospital as well---moms need sleep!! Congratulations again and again. Did you receive our gift?